So Rank and Revue is back and once again you get semi-regular glimpses into my twisted brain. Lucky you.

The small handful of you around for the first incarnation may remember that the Edge of Reason had the annoying tendency to delve in political/religious/spiritual realms that were probably best expressed anywhere but a punk and metal magazine.

Guess what? That ain’t gonna change.

I will, however provide a heads up for those less willing to think about something other than the proverbial sex, drugs and roll n roll. Visually, of course. Wouldn’t want to embarrass you with too many polysyllabic words.

This image will accompany any rant with a scientific or spiritual bent – I really don’t see much difference between the two. But if you don’t like metaphysical noetic scientific spiritual mumbo jumbo, just keep moving, cowpoke.



The next category is probably the broadest and will therefore be the most frequently explored and commented on:

Pop Culture. Don’t let Jesus Green Lantern fool you, this is about entertainment and the over-arching human themes it represents in all its myriad forms. Film, art, music and other celebrity bullshit will fall under the Aegis of the holy lantern. And what’s more pop culture than Jesus? Seriously? Until people start seeing Mario in tortillas, Hay-Seuss is arguably the number 1 most recognizable figure in the world. (Though if John Lennon were alive, he may have a thing or two to say about that last statement.)

Which brings us to the final umbrella category:

Everything else weird or disturbing under (or shunning) the sun that I find fascinating but not enough to spend more money on college in order to study it for real like.

– Fair warning: will probably include a hefty dose of both the other categories, so if magic and nerdiness are not your forte, look the other way.



Ok, kids, that’s it for today. Coming soon, Planet of the Apes!